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Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) Batticaloa has been in operation since July 1971.We are registered with the Ministry of Social Services in Sri lanka. It is a reputed Christian organization that envisions establishing a just society where all people enjoy the creations of the almighty God fully.

The primary mission of Batticaloa YMCA is ensuring all Christian principles are put into practice through efficient programs that build a healthy body, mind, and spirit for all. The institution is operated by both professional and volunteer leaders of Batticaloa who engage in either part -time or full-time activities. The laymen formulate the policy, and the organizational structure makes decisions regarding the strategies and program priorities. The experts are the one who implement the programs and the policies once they have been formulated.

The two teams work jointly and inspire each other to achieve the YMCA Mission. Since the establishment in 1971, the organization has actively engaged in numerous social service activities with the chief goal of boosting peace, good citizenship, and justice within the society, providing guidance and leadership to children, community, and the youth, promoting and advocating for the rights of marginalized communities and children, as well as, supporting for establishment of gender balance and enhancing the rights of women in the community.

The YMCA has an effective policy of training professional leaders so as to equip them to implement sustainable activities and programs and to safeguard, enhance, and preserve natural resources and nature, to promote sustainable developments in collaboration with individuals of distinct faith and enhance cultural renewals. YMCA is also a popular community-based movement involved in disaster management advocacy, capacity building, social mobilization, and environmental conservation activities such as coastal resource management, making sure there is efficient child care, protection, and development organization in the community.


“Our service is for all, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender”

The funding for YMCA Batticaloa programs comes from corporate sponsors, sustaining memberships, charitable contributions, foundation grants, community chests, membership dues, and program fees. If you like to give us your generous donation to be a part of our programs click here

 Organization Structure

 YMCA Batticaloa comprises of a general body that includes the president, general secretary, the vice presidents, treasurer, and fifteen members of the organization’s board of directors. The decisions of YMCA movements are made by the board of directors. The operation decisions are implemented by the managers and the secretary in charge of the programs. The organization also has two certified technical consultants and two advisory specialists. The various local YMCA movements including YMCA Batticaloa are out of their free will affiliated via their national movements. The national YMCA organizations are members of both the World Alliance and the Area Alliance of YMCAs. The sub-committee and the staff report to the CEO (General Secretary). The subcommittee also reports to the executive committee.

Our Strength and Facilities……

 YMCA Batticaloa has a one-acre freehold land in the town of Batticaloa with easy accessibility. Accommodation facilities of approximately 23,000 Square Feet, Auditorium, Conference Halls, and the office is in a building structure. The organization also has a 10,000 Square Feet building space for establishing a school for the deaf children. Office automation equipment includes telephone, fax, and computer, all connected to necessary network facilities. The organization has a fully equipped training center with a seating capacity of 100. Other services included in the training center are Audiology facilities for deaf children and Audio-visual items for training.

 Our Services to the Community

 The organization has successfully implemented various programs addressing the various issues that affect families and essential needs of the communities. The principal target group is the local populace and people affected by the Tsunami in 2004 and thirty years of continuous war in some regions of the nation. YMCA is among the most accepted and respected service movements in Batticaloa. Our several years of efficient service delivery have uplifted the disadvantaged and the needy socio-economically.

Youth and Child Development     The Micro Finance Project 

 The Vaalvosai- School for the Deaf      Our Medical Mission

Christians should practice their faith by reaching out to the vulnerable, needy, and marginalized communities. Paul said that “faith without action is dead.” You can either join or support YMCA Batticaloa to achieve its primary goal of establishing effective community empowerment projects that ensure a healthy body, mind, and spirit for all God’s people. YMCA Batticaloa values each volunteer and donor who wishes to help the organization in implementing its projects.

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