From 2010 and continuing into 2017, this project, funded by the Singapore YMCA is aimed at providing medical and diagnostic services and issuing free medication and vaccines to community members. The mission enhances the future equality and pure medical resources to all the common people around the region and the rest of the world. The future remains unseen, as do any potential obstacles that our communities might have to fight against in order to overcome. With the help of many generous organization and affiliations, as well as those people and authorities on a local level, the Batticaloa YMCA is here to provide our community the support and resources they need to become stronger and more empowered. We are involved in almost every aspect of our community and seek to engage, stabilize and meet the ever growing needs of the citizens here in Sri Lanka who are so desperately seeking some source of help. It is our duty as Christians to do what we can to help others, every single day.

  • Perumaveli, Eralakulam, Periyawattawan, Kullavadi, Pondukalchenai, Muruthanai, Vahanari,