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How to contact us:

Thank you for your interest in YMCA Batticaloa and our work responding to Batticaloa’s humanitarian crises, helping vulnerable people to survive, recover and reclaim control of their future.


YMCA Center District Office

26/4 Boundary Road South, Batticaloa. Sri lanka

Phone: + 94 65 2222495,  +94 65 2222710


Our office hours are from 9am to 5pm -Monday through Friday.

Policy ,Projects and advocacy

To learn more about the YMCA advocacy work and for inquiries related to projects implemented by YMCA Batticaloa contact,

The General Secretary/CEO:  Mr. Jegan Jeevaraj

Tel: + 94 65 2222495,  +94 65 2222710  077-3540874


Internships and Volunteer opportunities

To find out what types of internships are available and how to learn more about ways to volunteer with YMCA Batticaloa, please email us on



YMCA Batticaloa appreciates your interest in our work. We receive a large volume of e-mail: Please understand that while we read each message, we regret that we do not have the resources to respond to all of them.