YMCA Advanced career skills examination


YMCA Advanced career skills examination 1

The final examination of Advancing Career Skills(ACS) – NVQ Level 04 was held at YMCA Academy by TVEC on December 28th. We successfully passed out 48 students for ACS.  We have a memorial moment too. With this main intention we have moved forward to conduct further NVQ course.

We have several categories of courses. They are listed in the NVQ Pages. You can register yourself in the enroll page online and we’ll contact you if your entry meets all our requirements.  We conduct this course under the legal authorization of TVEC and we hope to brighten several lives of students.

We have good skilled lecturers to provide proper assistance to the students. Currently many institutions have the same issue of low quality lecturers and due to this great tragedy their demand for courses decline day by day. But YMCA has placed a obstacle in front of all these bombastic issues.

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